Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Projects That Will Make You Happy

If you think DIY projects are expensive, then this article will prove you wrong. These home improvement projects will make you happy knowing that you won’t have to spend much to give your home a new look.

Bathroom Makeover

The ultimate bathroom makeover includes the elegance of natural stone. So, if you don’t have granite in your bathroom yet, consider adding a granite countertop. Finding granite tops is easy. They’re almost in every Home Depot and center. Price tags may vary from $150 to $450 depending on how big or small they are.


But before giving your bathroom a different design, first, inspect every tool you’ll use. If you’ve ordered items, make sure they are free from defects before you use them. Then, remove old fixtures, repair the walls if necessary, and clean your entire bathroom. You can even spray-paint your room—this is easy to perform because paint sprayers finish the job faster. Your bathroom won’t have brush marks too if you use paint sprayers.

After painting the walls, and perhaps adding a mirror that costs less than $50, you can add a sink skirt and make your bathroom look more expensive. The best thing about adding a sink skirt is that you can recycle old clothes, sew them together to create your own patterns, and come up with a sink skirt that’s unique and original. You might not need to spend money on it too! If you don’t know how to make one, visit, a tutorial is found there.

You can also change the faucet of the sink. After installing the granite top and connecting the plumbing, Broad! You can do all these in two to three days. You can even finish it in one whole day if you ask for someone’s help. All in all, this bathroom makeover won’t cost $500. A granite vanity top which is 31 inches long is priced at $200 these days. A quality faucet costs around $130, a mirror could cost $50 or less, paint would cost about $30. Who says giving your bathroom a makeover should be expensive?

Living room decorative moldings

decorative-moldingFor your living room, it’s best if you use a wood router to create decorative moldings. A router enables you to build simple, elegant, or stylish molding pieces for your home. You can create a beaded pattern for your living room chair rails, windows, and boards. You can also add letterings made of wood to your doors with a router. This won’t cost much too, because all you need is wood and a router. Wood isn’t expensive at all, and you can even recycle old scraps of wood for this project.

Custom shapes for the kitchen

wood-router-DeWaltFor your kitchen, you can cut out specific shapes to beautify your kitchen. You can cut out wood using a router. You can cut out your child’s favorite fruit or vegetable and more. Whatever shape you wish to cut, you can do so because a wood router can quickly and smoothly cut wood pieces no matter how intricate they are. Broad cuts and long cuts won’t be a problem as long as you have a router. Once again, this is budget-friendly because you can always recycle wood for the project or ask someone to donate some to you.