Funny YouTube Channels You Should Watch

With the rising popularity of vines and videos, you probably visit YouTube multiple times during the day.

That what made famous YouTubers into stars and millionaires.

So, you want to watch something funny? Here are some channels that you should absolutely visit.

AVGN – The Angry Video Game Nerd

R Zone
You Will Know What This Is If you Watch AVGN

You like gaming, you like funny shit? Then look no further. This guy will definitely make you laugh your heart out.

He was first called as the “Angry Nintendo Nerd” because he plays a lot of Nintendo games. Basically, he reviews all the shittiest games of all time.

C’mon, watch his Big Rigs review now and I bet you $1,000 that you will laugh.


He’s currently sitting at the top for the YouTube channel that has the most followers. 54,000,000.

He’s a Swedish guy and he’s freaking funny. That’s is more than enough reason to subscribe to his channel.

Good Mythical Morning

At first, thought these guys are boring.

But Rhett and Link definitely won my subscription when I watched their Will it Series. They freaking ate a Pizza with rocks! The Ghost Pepper challenge is funny too. I wonder where do spices come from in that hellish form. If you want some light-hearted comedy to brighten up your day, you should definitely watch their videos.

College Humor

They are one of the most respected YouTube channels when it comes to fun and entertainment.

Their skits and sketches are so funny way back in the early 2010’s. Their version of Vince Shlomi’s Shamwow just killed me.


Hope you enjoy watching these videos. See you again next time!


staying warm

Get Inspiring Winter Thoughts From Around the Web

How do you take the idea of being cooped inside your house because it’s terribly snowing outside? Is it a terrible mess? Thinking about it can already make you feel restless how much more if it is already happening.  The snowfall and the freezing rain, the cold nights are inevitable. They are part of your existence if you live in polar and temperate climates.  Get yourself the best space heater for large rooms and enjoy the freaking cold months.

Being stuck indoors is a great opportunity to exercise your craft. Get winter boredom-busting ideas from the web. Engage your little ones to do something different while they are trapped indoors. Keep the energy to the highest level and get entertained during the bleak season of the year. Here are few refreshing ideas that can get you going all the winter long.

Let Your Kids Bake

The kitchen could be a great place in the house during the winter. The snowy surroundings should make your kids try out their craft in baking. Spark your kid’s interest by expressing their culinary skills in the kitchen. Teach your kids best baking recipes and allow them to create their own easy recipes. Make them learn new skills from measuring, mixing, and to creating wonderful recipes.   Bake with them and guide them well.  Check online best baking recipes that will enhance the culinary potentials of your kiddos.

Let Your Kids Love Art More

Allow them to paint. Give them a specific area in the house where they can best express their creativity. Give them freedom to explore their profound imagination by painting. Join them as they immerse themselves in this specific art activity and let them know how much you appreciate their craft.   Give them creative options to choose from. You can introduce other art activities such as making mini painted clay pots and creative mosaic. Search on the net for this stuff and you can try it yourself. Be a kid once more and decorate your pots artistically and plant special plants into them.  This will give you a fantastic idea of indoor gardening which is another cool stuff that your kids can get into.

staying warm

 Get a Warm Bath in Your Jacuzzi

The cold season is the best time to enjoy in your hot tub. This is a fine relaxation that you can enjoy with the whole family.  As the temperature drops, warm yourself and get the most pleasure dipping into your hot tub.  Get soaked in and have a fantastic hot tub session with your loved ones.  Share the fun and the laughter and keep warm in the icy days.  Get ideas from around the web on how to maintain the water temperature.


You have a lot of assignments to do. It’s just a matter of getting yourself credible websites that can offer sincere hot deals so you can enjoy more during the winter season. It’s just a matter of researching, simple reading, and adapting.

benefits of juicing

Get Used to Your Juicing Concoction

Now, let’s try to meet our health goals.  With the influx of health enthusiasts and fanatics shouting out loud the benefits of fruit and veggies drinks, make us ponder of what to make with our own organic garden produce. On the other hand, many people storm bar juices and juicing machine stores to avail themselves of the greatest hits in health practices of the juicing world. By choosing the best juicer, one would finally realize that he has to get used to his own juicing concoction and enjoy the habit of sipping fresh veggie juice every morning.

The Idea of Juicing

Juicing is the best way of packing more nutrients into your body every day.  Let’s drink all those nutritious fruits and veggies out there and experience the great difference it’ll give to our overall health. Having juicing experiments at home will make us experience the great delight found in our fresh garden produce. Owning a juicing machine will awaken your great creativity in mixing up ingredients of your best juice recipe and fill your body with a nutrient-rich jolt of energy. Your concoction in the glass will keep you energized and always in the good mood to make the best things in life.

Good health makes you feel more comfortable about yourself and the world around you. It heightens your self-esteem, making you a more confident individual. Your balanced diet added with a perfect load of vitamins and minerals in plant foods will make you more confident that you’re gonna live stronger and longer. Nothing can make you happy than seeing your family healthy and gay, too.

Make your family get used to your natural juicing concoctions and let them unravel the health benefits of consuming these healthy juices from fruits and veggies. Juicing your broccoli, grapefruit, papaya, swiss, oranges, and a lot more will make your even more creative in producing the perfect nutritious concoction that everyone at home will take advantage of.

Think of the best fruits and veggies that will make a perfect juice for your family. Having your personal combination of ingredients in juicing will make you more excited each new day. These plant foods have unrivaled benefits for your overall health.

Definitely, juicing makes your family love the greens and all the garden produce. I’m sure they feel excited about having the great idea of juice fasting and cleansing. Pick the best fruits and veggies according to their individual health benefits and get your juicer and be ready to make your juicing concoction that your family will surely love.

Uplifting Thoughts About Cooking You Should Care About

Cooking has been an important part of our life. Some considered it a chore, while others consider it an art of wonderful culinary creations. Now, in which concept do you belong? The second thought makes our daily lives a lot exciting and happier.


Best Cooking Method

Don’t forget to include in your thoughts the best brand for pressure cookers because they can be your great assistant in the kitchen.  The pressure cooker will make you create you best recipes hassle-free and fast. Preparing your meals for your family is a crucial opportunity. It should cater the nutritional needs of your family. You’ll be in full control of what to prepare and how to prepare it.  Pressure cooking will help you on this.  It’s never a shortcut to cooking, thus; the nutritional needs of your family will not be overlooked.

Value of Home Cooking

Thorough cooking in the kitchen is a must. Hence, pressure cooking should be part of your uplifting thoughts about cooking. It makes home cooking better than processed foods and ready-made foods. Home cooking recipes are well thought of. They are incredibly delicious and nutritious. Ultimately, homemade meals taste a lot better than prepackaged foods.  Heat and eat foods that are bought in grocery stores should not be part of your diet.  Consider planning what to cook for the week. This will make home cooking more organized and nutrition-focused.

Take Simple yet Healthy Recipes

Preparing simple meals will not only save your time but will also have a big impact in your loved one’s diet. Home cooking doesn’t need very complicated recipes. Just make it simple and healthy. Your family will enjoy eating your best creations as they are done with great care and love.  Well-balanced meals contribute to easy home cooking. Take what is simple and it will make you save time and energy.

Cooking should not be a chore. Help one another in the kitchen and feel the essence of cooperation among your family. Make cooking collaborative and enjoyable. Doing so will make you spend quality time with your children and partner. Enjoy one another’s company over delightful and nutritious foods.

Have You Seen the Elevating Mood of Chainsawing?

Surely, chain operators have seen the elevating mood of chainsawing. The chainsaw has become their partner in daunting cutting tasks. It has become a perfect addition to their tool arsenal. They are seemingly aware of the risks of using the chainsaw but they are confident that they abide by chainsaw safety techniques and tricks.  Verify this notion by checking the top 5 chainsaws.


Working with chainsaws for the first time is not that easy. You need to update yourself well with clear guidelines and safety measures. Don’t ever ignore this phase because the chainsaw can become your best enemy at home or in your forest land.   These can be as horrible as your wildest dreams if you are not using it properly. Having it in your collection of power tools should be accompanied by great wisdom of how it is operated for more efficient cuts.

The following chainsawing tasks are awesomely complicated but a well-trained operator can do them well and take each task just like a piece of cake. The following elevate the cutting mood of the chainsaw. Consider each one and come to realize that chainsawing is no ordinary cutting routine.

Felling Trees

This is quite a meticulous sawing task. It is more than just cutting down hardwood. Felling trees need has important requirements that should be internalized well. It takes the careful execution of chainsawing.  Knowing the proper felling technique has to be observed well.

Pruning of Trees

Large tree branches which are destroyed have to be trimmed to keep the tree healthy. Pruning tree branches have to be done with extra care so as not to affect its healthy growth. Furthermore, the operator has to wear proper safety gear to keep safe.

Chopping Hardwood

Chainsaw operation like this needs the help of professionals. It’s the smartest way to cut wood. The chainsaw is a perfect cutting tool to harvest wood. Splitting firewood may seem very easy, yet it needs focus and proper use of the most fitting cutting device.


These tasks have elevated the worth of chainsawing. The chain saw keeps the woodworker inspired and always in the mood of doing the assigned tasks.

Anything and Beyond the Pool-Blast of Happiness

automatic pool cleaner

The splish and splash in the pool under the shiny summer sun!  Your display of somersaults in your sparkling outdoor pool brings satisfaction to the soul. There are fun and excitement just a few steps away from your door .  The best things will happen in your stunning pool. Make it perfect by using the best pressure side pool cleaner. Your superhuman tricks in the pool are the blasts of energy in the sparkling water as the best automatic pool cleaner makes your pool worthy of swimming.

What’s beyond the pool?

Owning a pool will change your lifestyle.  It will help improve your health, fitness and family life.  It means traveling less and spending more time at home with your family. Hence, it brings you closer together.

Quality Time With The Family

automatic pool cleaner

Spending hours in your pool strengthen your bond with your family. Despite your busy days, your backyard in-ground swimming pool always accommodates your world stresses and physical whims.  Your swimming pool provides the perfect setting to spend quality time with your kids.  The pleasures of technology would sometimes pull as apart. We hate to admit it but it’s the truth that is honey which tastes bitter.   The incredible beauty of your swimming pool can bring you closer. The glorious sounds of laughter fill the air. The classic swimming pool games bring so much fun and excitement. Hence, your amazing pool holds you together.

Amazing Time for Fitness

You’ve got them all in your pool. Dive in and see how swimming works!  The time in the pool is always a strength and a cardio day.  Swimming pool means a delightful pool workout.  Turning to activities in the pool encourages physical balance and strength. The water will relax your muscles and soothe your tensions. Your swimming strokes are a complete workout for the body. As you propel through the water, you are providing yourself with a low-impact exercise.

Extraordinary Creativity

Your pool calls for your active designs. Make it stylish and the landscape impressive.  The best-designed walkways and floors make swimming time delightful. Make your pool luxurious with your creative touch as it is an inspiring sight at home.  Make it unique and beautiful.

Touch of Nature at Home

Your sparkling in-ground pool is not only for a delightful dip but also for the beautification of your home’s outdoor architectural designs.  It’s construction calls for your creative designs and your swimming needs. A seemingly-paradise pool is waiting to be projected in your midst. It’s a glimpse of paradise at home.

What’s Beyond the Rowing?-the Glimpse Untold

rowing machine

The rowing machine will make you experience the action of watercraft rowing. Promising athletes utilize this amazing fitness equipment for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing. It gives you amazing health benefits while at the same time gives you the opportunity to bring your rowing skills in the Olympic Games. Our website will guide you in your best rowing choice. Choose the best rowing machine for you and row your way to becoming healthier and always in the best shape.

The rowing machines are known as ergometers. These actually refer to modern indoor rowers. Your rowing workout is measured by this device.

What is Indoor Rowing?

It is a competitive sport that has been widely used by athletes for highly demanding physical training.  The off-water training has become a highly competitive sport.  In fact, since the 1950s, ergometers have been used in rowing training in many countries.  These devices are used to judge a rower’s pace over 2,000 meters distance.  The rowing machines have been one of the impressive pieces of equipment in gymnasiums around the world.  It has become a commonplace in fitness studios.

Indoor rowing has been the best avenue for non-rowers to experience the action in real water-based rowing and has become an outstanding sport in the Olympic Games.

Rowing is the Most Efficient Exercise

Rowing has been a fitness trend over the years. Every part of the body consumes each rowing stroke to give you the optimum fitness you always dream of.  Indoor rowing provides you an exciting opportunity to seemingly glide across the water.

Rowers provide the low-impact cardio workout. It involves the legs, core, and arms. It is a total workout like no other. It keeps your heart elevated. As you experience the repetitive leg press and the rowing you’ve actually got the huge strength-training component.

rowing machines

Your suave physique is achieved for a short period of time of regular rowing workout. It ultimately burns out calories fast for it has resistance in both directions. The forward and back strokes make you stronger and firmer. The incessant rowing strokes increase the rate at which you burn calories.

The ultimate rowing workout will work in your perfect posture for it wakes up all the muscles in your back.  Anyone can do it. The rowing brings the smashing benefits to all people regardless of age.

The rowing provides room for team spirit and motivational booster to be in a group. Indoor rowing is parallel to team mentality in an actual boat. So, what are you waiting for? Row with a group and race together and get the glimpse untold!

Olympic Archery Curious Facts and Figures

Archery has been around since ancient times. Primarily used as a hunting tool, it evolved into an effective long-range weapon for wars and battles along with sling shots and catapults. This was, of course, prior to the invention of fire arms and gun powder.


With the advent of Olympics and other sports organizations, archery is now an esteemed field in sports. Most archery organizations hold competitions to hail the best compound bow and recurve bow archers. Athletes not only rely in their physical strength but also in their excellent marksmanship and judgment. Truly, this sport is a battle of physique and strategies.

Archery first appeared at the 1900 Olympics in Paris. It consists of 6 archery events with 153 archers competing in them. France emerged as the champion with a total of 12 medals and followed by Belgium with 6 medals.

There were archery events for the next few Olympics, but then it disappeared from the Olympic program for more than 50 years. It reappeared at 1972 Olympics in Munich and continued until to this day.

Modern Olympic archery consists of four medal events: men’s individual, women’s individual, men’s team, and women’s team. In all four events, the distance from the archer to the target is 70 meters and the only allowed type of bow is the recurve bow.

Here are the other Olympic archery facts that will amaze you.

  • The archery events in 2004 Olympics in Athens were staged in the same Panathenaic Stadium that was used for the 1896 Olympics. This is the venue for the very first international Olympics held in modern history.
  • The best all-time performing Archer at the Olympic Games is Hubert Van Innis of Belgium, who won six gold and 3 bronze medals between 1900 and 1920.
  • Korean women archers have won 14 out of 15 gold medals in the women’s events since 1984.
  • Galen Carter Spencer, who competed during the 1904 Summer Olympics, is the oldest gold medalist in archery. He was an American who competed and won the gold medal for the team competition. He was born September 19, 1840, and competed on September 19, 1904, which means he competed on his 64th birthday.
  • Sybil “Queenie” Newall is a British archer who competed during the 1904 Summer Olympics. She is the oldest woman ever to win an Olympic gold medal in an individual event. She also won gold in the Double National Round in 1908, aged 53 years, 275 days.
  • William Dod and Charlotte “Lottie” Dod are the first brother and sister to win Olympic medals. William won the gold medal for men’s archery competition, and his sister Charlotte won the silver medal in the women’s archery competition in the 1908 Summer Olympics.
  • This year, the 2016 Summer Olympics was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. South Korea dominated the archery event by winning gold medals in all the archery events.

8 Ways for a Happier Day


There are days when you just feel out of sorts. These are days when stress threatens to overwhelm and cheering up seems like a hard thing to do. This can happen to anyone. For some people, happiness just seems to come naturally while others have to work on it. The good thing about being happy is that everyone has a choice to go for it. And achieving is easier than it may seem at the onset. The following are some of the things you can do for a happier day:

1. Start your day early

Waking up early has a lot of perks. You get more time to prepare your mind and body to take on all the things you need to do for the day. Starting the day early allows you to do things slow and easy. It gives you time for quiet self-reflections or to do a bit of reading that you may not be able to do on busy days.

2. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude helps you focus on the good things. It makes you appreciate even the small things that you would otherwise miss amid the clamor of daily routines. It gives you a feeling of abundance which can boost your mood.

3. Take time to exercise

Exercise is great mood booster. The endorphins released during physical activity make you feel good. One of the best things about working out is that you do not need a lot of time to do it. Even a 15-minute workout that you can do at home can already improve your mood.

4. Spend time outdoors

Take time to reconnect with nature. Or at the very least, spend some time outdoors every day to breathe some fresh air. Head to the nearest park or have lunch al fresco. Go for a short walk. The time you spend outside not only enhances your mood. It can also clears your mind and make more room for creativity.

5. Focus on the here and now

Nothing ruins a mood quite like obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. Be present in every moment. This helps you make the most of the time you have and avoid the stress of thinking about things that are not happening yet.

6. Do a random act of kindness

Kindness is something that you give away where you unfailingly get something in return. It not only benefits the recipient, but it also leaves you with positive feelings. Sometimes a smile may be the only thing you need to do to make others feel better.

7. Connect with family and friends

Make time to nourish relationships with family and friends. Spend time with them or give them a call if you cannot be physically with them. Enjoy a meal with your family. Plan meet-ups with friends you have not seen for a while. Have lunch with a colleague at work. This can strengthen your bond with the people around you.

8. Get enough sleep

It is hard to wake up early if you do not have enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue and sluggishness. You will feel more refreshed if you have a good night’s sleep.

5 of the Funniest Movies That You Should Watch

Watching funny movies is a great way to add more laughter in your life. It can also be an excellent stress reliever. But regardless of whatever mood you are in funny movies offer comic relief that comes with many beneficial effects. So here are some of the funniest films that can give you the belly-aching laughs that will leave you with good feelings in no particular order:

1. American Pie (1999)

There’s nothing new to the story of a young man bent on losing his virginity. But what makes this film funny are the characters’ dynamics and the charming ways in which they try to accomplish what they set out to do. It is silly and outrageously funny.

2. Dumb And Dumber (1994)

This movie lives up to its title. It puts dumb and dumber to completely different heights. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels played the roles so spectacularly that there were many cringe-worthy moments of moronic proportions that will make you roll in laughter. The unbelievably stupid characters will make you suspend disbelief with their antics. This is a feel-good movie that will make you think about friendships and the crazy things buddies do at times.

3. Meet the Parents (2000)

Ben Stiller nailed his role as a guy who tries to win the hearts, or at least the approval, of his girlfriend’s parents. Hilarity ensues as his encounters with the former CIA dad ably played by Robert De Niro resulted to a series of blunders that aren’t helping his cause. This movie is funny and endearing from beginning to end.

4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

This film follows the story of King Arthur as he traveled to recruit knights to be part of Camelot’s Round Table. Some of the men he joined him were unimpressed by his authority. The tale does not end after he has gathered the men and returned to Camelot. Rather, it continued to unfold after God sent them on a quest to search for the Holy Grail. The knights went though their respective adventures and later met again only to come face to face with an enchanter who told them that there is something they still need to do to finally find the Grail. This film is filled with hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud.

5. The Hangover (2009)

This is a story of buddies played by Justin Bartha, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Bradley Cooper and a bachelor party gone awry. Set in Las Vegas, what could have been a celebration ended up with a missing person that triggered an investigation. With the groom nowhere to be found, the three remaining friends try to remember what happened to find their missing friend.