Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Projects That Will Make You Happy

If you think DIY projects are expensive, then this article will prove you wrong. These home improvement projects will make you happy knowing that you won’t have to spend much to give your home a new look.

Bathroom Makeover

The ultimate bathroom makeover includes the elegance of natural stone. So, if you don’t have granite in your bathroom yet, consider adding a granite countertop. Finding granite tops is easy. They’re almost in every Home Depot and center. Price tags may vary from $150 to $450 depending on how big or small they are.


But before giving your bathroom a different design, first, inspect every tool you’ll use. If you’ve ordered items, make sure they are free from defects before you use them. Then, remove old fixtures, repair the walls if necessary, and clean your entire bathroom. You can even spray-paint your room—this is easy to perform because paint sprayers finish the job faster. Your bathroom won’t have brush marks too if you use paint sprayers.

After painting the walls, and perhaps adding a mirror that costs less than $50, you can add a sink skirt and make your bathroom look more expensive. The best thing about adding a sink skirt is that you can recycle old clothes, sew them together to create your own patterns, and come up with a sink skirt that’s unique and original. You might not need to spend money on it too! If you don’t know how to make one, visit, a tutorial is found there.

You can also change the faucet of the sink. After installing the granite top and connecting the plumbing, Broad! You can do all these in two to three days. You can even finish it in one whole day if you ask for someone’s help. All in all, this bathroom makeover won’t cost $500. A granite vanity top which is 31 inches long is priced at $200 these days. A quality faucet costs around $130, a mirror could cost $50 or less, paint would cost about $30. Who says giving your bathroom a makeover should be expensive?

Living room decorative moldings

decorative-moldingFor your living room, it’s best if you use a wood router to create decorative moldings. A router enables you to build simple, elegant, or stylish molding pieces for your home. You can create a beaded pattern for your living room chair rails, windows, and boards. You can also add letterings made of wood to your doors with a router. This won’t cost much too, because all you need is wood and a router. Wood isn’t expensive at all, and you can even recycle old scraps of wood for this project.

Custom shapes for the kitchen

wood-router-DeWaltFor your kitchen, you can cut out specific shapes to beautify your kitchen. You can cut out wood using a router. You can cut out your child’s favorite fruit or vegetable and more. Whatever shape you wish to cut, you can do so because a wood router can quickly and smoothly cut wood pieces no matter how intricate they are. Broad cuts and long cuts won’t be a problem as long as you have a router. Once again, this is budget-friendly because you can always recycle wood for the project or ask someone to donate some to you.

Some Ways To Make Your Pool Into A Funland, No Matter What Season You’re In


We all know how cool a pool can be, especially during the summer months. Not only will it make your body relax like no other just by flexing those muscles of yours as you stroke under the water, but also make your mind calm like never before just by fueling those nerves of yours as you glide over the water – and yes, especially in a beach-like ambience and the warm sun shining down its natural vitamins on you for an added boost on your energy throughout the day.

We also know how warm a pool can be, even during the winter months. Not only will it make your body soothed like no other just by flexing those muscles of yours as you dive under the water, but also make your mind rejuvenated like never before just by fueling those nerves of yours as you float over the water – and yes, even in a mountain-like and the cool air blowing up its natural minerals on you for an added boost on your immunity throughout the day.

Thus, it’s only right for you to make your pool into a funland – and yes, you’re reading this right – no matter what season you’re in.

Here are some ways:

Organize A Party, Minion-Style

Ever watched Despicable Me starring Steve Carell? Then you probably know about those adorkable yellow Minions – who, in the movie, were found to be enjoying a Hawaiian-style party down out at the beach. Make your pool into a funland for you and your loved ones as you beat the summer heat in Minion-style!

Because indeed, it’s only right for you to make your pool into a funland – and yes, no matter what season you’re in and no matter how Hawaiian-styled it can be.

Watch A Movie, Parisian-Style

Ever watched The Clique starring Elizabeth McLaughlin? Then you probably know about those adorable mean Clique – who, in the movie, were found to be enjoying a Parisian-style party up in at the pool. Make your pool into a funland for you and your best friends as you beat the winter blues in Parisian-style!

And because indeed, it’s only right for you to make your pool into a funland – and yes, no matter what season you’re in and no matter how Parisian-styled it can be.

How about you?

Do you know any other ways to make your pool into a funland, no matter what season you’re in? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Fun, Yet Serious Thoughts About Water Nowadays


Let’s face it. We all know how water can be. Not only does it make up about 65 percent of our body’s interior structure, but also allows us to get more active physically than usual as we drink glasses of it for us to survive in life and to withstand any kind of pained feeling that may come with doing what we need to do for the day.

And let’s also face it. We know how water can be. Not only does it make up about 71 percent of our world’s outer surface, but also allows us to get more active mentally than usual as we use buckets of it for us to survive in life and to withstand any kind of tired thought that may come with doing what we want to do for the day.

But did you know that there’s more to water nowadays than just being a major component of our body and keeping us physically healthier than usual?

You see, water nowadays is not just about our body or our feelings. It’s also about being able to do what you need to do for the day without worrying about starting it halfheartedly or doing it while feeling pained. This includes being able to do chores at home such as cooking food with the presence of clean water, as well as watering plants with clear water – further contributing to the fact that water is, indeed, not just meant to be used for living things in this world alone.

Indeed, water nowadays is not just about our body or our feelings.

And did you know that there’s more to water nowadays than just being a major characteristic of our world and keeping us mentally fitter than usual?

You also see, water nowadays is not just about our world or our thoughts. It’s also about being able to do what you want to do for the day without worrying about finishing it halfheartedly or doing it while thinking tired. This includes being able to showcase your creativity at work such as painting art with the presence of clear water, as well as producing music with clean water – further contributing to the fact that water is, indeed, not just meant to be used by breathing things in this world alone.

And indeed, water nowadays is not just about our world or our thoughts.

Do you know other fun, yet serious thoughts about water nowadays? Let us know in the comments section below!

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London on a Budget: 15 of the Best Things to Do for Free

If you are thinking of ways on how to best spend 10 days in London without breaking the bank, here are some of the best free things you would not want to miss out on.

1. See the vast and awe-inspiring collection at one of London’s must-see attractions – the British Museum. Get a glimpse of some of the thousands of artworks and artifacts the museum has on display.

2. Make a pit stop at the National Gallery to see the works of some of the greatest artists of all time like Michelangelo and Renoir among many others.

3. Enjoy the architecture and explore the contemporary artworks and exhibitions at the Tate Modern.

4. Spend time looking at some of the more than four million collection of decorative arts and items at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

5. Indulge your inner geek at the Science Museum and enjoy some of its interactive exhibits.

6. Admire the architecture at the Houses of Parliament and see the city’s iconic clock tower – the Big Ben.


7. Head out to the Buckingham Palace and find a good spot to watch the Changing of the Guard.

8. Make time for Sunday worship at the Westminster Abbey and be awed by the beautiful interior of the world-renowned church.

9. Visit the Tower of London at night to witness the centuries-old tradition of the Ceremony of the Keys.

10. Take a stroll and enjoy the spectacular views along the banks of the Thames.

12. Go for a walk along the London Wall to see what is left of the city’s ancient Roman walls.

13. Explore the many attractions and activities at London’s Royal Parks.

14. See what’s on the menu at the food stalls of the city’s famous Borough Market.

15. Catch a lunchtime concert at St Martin’s in the Fields.


Funny YouTube Channels You Should Watch

With the rising popularity of vines and videos, you probably visit YouTube multiple times during the day.

That what made famous YouTubers into stars and millionaires.

So, you want to watch something funny? Here are some channels that you should absolutely visit.

AVGN – The Angry Video Game Nerd

You like gaming, you like funny shit? Then look no further. This guy will definitely make you laugh your heart out.

He was first called as the “Angry Nintendo Nerd” because he plays a lot of Nintendo games. Basically, he reviews all the shittiest games of all time.

C’mon, watch his Big Rigs review now and I bet you $1,000 that you will laugh.


He’s currently sitting at the top for the YouTube channel that has the most followers. 54,000,000.

He’s a Swedish guy and he’s freaking funny. That’s is more than enough reason to subscribe to his channel.

Good Mythical Morning

At first, thought these guys are boring.

But Rhett and Link definitely won my subscription when I watched their Will it Series. They freaking ate a Pizza with rocks! The Ghost Pepper challenge is funny too. I wonder where do spices come from in that hellish form. If you want some light-hearted comedy to brighten up your day, you should definitely watch their videos.

College Humor

They are one of the most respected YouTube channels when it comes to fun and entertainment.

Their skits and sketches are so funny way back in the early 2010’s. Their version of Vince Shlomi’s Shamwow just killed me.


Hope you enjoy watching these videos. See you again next time!


8 Ways for a Happier Day


There are days when you just feel out of sorts. These are days when stress threatens to overwhelm and cheering up seems like a hard thing to do. This can happen to anyone. For some people, happiness just seems to come naturally while others have to work on it. The good thing about being happy is that everyone has a choice to go for it. And achieving is easier than it may seem at the onset. The following are some of the things you can do for a happier day:

1. Start your day early

Waking up early has a lot of perks. You get more time to prepare your mind and body to take on all the things you need to do for the day. Starting the day early allows you to do things slow and easy. It gives you time for quiet self-reflections or to do a bit of reading that you may not be able to do on busy days.

2. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude helps you focus on the good things. It makes you appreciate even the small things that you would otherwise miss amid the clamor of daily routines. It gives you a feeling of abundance which can boost your mood.

3. Take time to exercise

Exercise is great mood booster. The endorphins released during physical activity make you feel good. One of the best things about working out is that you do not need a lot of time to do it. Even a 15-minute workout that you can do at home can already improve your mood.

4. Spend time outdoors

Take time to reconnect with nature. Or at the very least, spend some time outdoors every day to breathe some fresh air. Head to the nearest park or have lunch al fresco. Go for a short walk. The time you spend outside not only enhances your mood. It can also clears your mind and make more room for creativity.

5. Focus on the here and now

Nothing ruins a mood quite like obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. Be present in every moment. This helps you make the most of the time you have and avoid the stress of thinking about things that are not happening yet.

6. Do a random act of kindness

Kindness is something that you give away where you unfailingly get something in return. It not only benefits the recipient, but it also leaves you with positive feelings. Sometimes a smile may be the only thing you need to do to make others feel better.

7. Connect with family and friends

Make time to nourish relationships with family and friends. Spend time with them or give them a call if you cannot be physically with them. Enjoy a meal with your family. Plan meet-ups with friends you have not seen for a while. Have lunch with a colleague at work. This can strengthen your bond with the people around you.

8. Get enough sleep

It is hard to wake up early if you do not have enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue and sluggishness. You will feel more refreshed if you have a good night’s sleep.

5 of the Funniest Movies That You Should Watch

Watching funny movies is a great way to add more laughter in your life. It can also be an excellent stress reliever. But regardless of whatever mood you are in funny movies offer comic relief that comes with many beneficial effects. So here are some of the funniest films that can give you the belly-aching laughs that will leave you with good feelings in no particular order:

1. American Pie (1999)

There’s nothing new to the story of a young man bent on losing his virginity. But what makes this film funny are the characters’ dynamics and the charming ways in which they try to accomplish what they set out to do. It is silly and outrageously funny.

2. Dumb And Dumber (1994)

This movie lives up to its title. It puts dumb and dumber to completely different heights. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels played the roles so spectacularly that there were many cringe-worthy moments of moronic proportions that will make you roll in laughter. The unbelievably stupid characters will make you suspend disbelief with their antics. This is a feel-good movie that will make you think about friendships and the crazy things buddies do at times.

3. Meet the Parents (2000)

Ben Stiller nailed his role as a guy who tries to win the hearts, or at least the approval, of his girlfriend’s parents. Hilarity ensues as his encounters with the former CIA dad ably played by Robert De Niro resulted to a series of blunders that aren’t helping his cause. This movie is funny and endearing from beginning to end.

4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

This film follows the story of King Arthur as he traveled to recruit knights to be part of Camelot’s Round Table. Some of the men he joined him were unimpressed by his authority. The tale does not end after he has gathered the men and returned to Camelot. Rather, it continued to unfold after God sent them on a quest to search for the Holy Grail. The knights went though their respective adventures and later met again only to come face to face with an enchanter who told them that there is something they still need to do to finally find the Grail. This film is filled with hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud.

5. The Hangover (2009)

This is a story of buddies played by Justin Bartha, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Bradley Cooper and a bachelor party gone awry. Set in Las Vegas, what could have been a celebration ended up with a missing person that triggered an investigation. With the groom nowhere to be found, the three remaining friends try to remember what happened to find their missing friend.

6 Reasons to Have a Good Laugh Every Day


It has often been said that laughter is the best medicine. There have been many studies that support this. So why are many of us not laughing as much as we should every day? With so many distressing things happening around us, it is easy to get caught in the gloom that seems to pervade the bad news we come across on a daily basis. Thankfully, there is nothing like a good laugh to counterbalance the negativity that threatens to overwhelm us from time to time. Here are seven reasons to take the time to laugh every day:

1. Brightens the mood

Laughter can brighten up your mood. It releases endorphins that make you feel happier. Laughing shifts the focus toward something good instead of dwelling on thoughts or things that may be causing a lot of stress or anxiety. This makes it a great antidote for the unpleasantness that creeps up on anyone at some point.

2. Reduces stress

Have you ever noticed how laughing leaves you feeling more relaxed? Laughter relieves muscle tension. It also refreshes the mind and provides more clarity, which can be hard to achieve if you are feeling stressed. Making it a habit to laugh every day can help you manage stress more effectively.

3. Good for the immune system

Studies suggest that laughing can have a positive effect in the production of antibodies which help the body ward off diseases. According to Loma Linda University Professor Lee Berk, laughter increases certain antibodies and immune cells which do an important job in fighting off illnesses.

4. Enhances blood flow

Research also reveals that laughter can improve blood flow. A study conducted by University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers indicates that laughing triggers the expansion of the blood vessels’ inner lining which improves blood flow. This in turn can have positive effects to your overall health.

5. Great workout

Laughter is an excellent workout. Like exercise, it facilitates the release of endorphins. And mirthful laughter often triggers a feeling akin to a workout where you feel tired but in a good way.

6. Improves relationships

Laughter is a great way to connect with people. It also strengthens relationships. Notice how the happiest people have positive relationships with the people around them. Laughter can also be an excellent ice-breaker. It helps people appear more approachable.